You are transforming the lives of everyday students by helping connect them to the Internet. You are helping your organization meet its budget, while pushing through your own frustrations and setbacks. It is not easy. There is a good chance that you have recently battled with E-rate regulations that feel like they are designed to block funding, not provide it; there is a good chance that you have recently felt confused, lost and/or puzzled by those same regulations; there is a good chance that you go above and beyond, doing far more to help than any reasonable person would ever guess or imagine; and there is a good chance, through all of this, that no one has stopped to say thank you.

Well, we are here to say it: thank you!

Thank you for going toe-to-toe with the regulations. Thank you for not quitting because of the crazy program rules and procedures. Thank you for all the extra hours, emails, logins and phone calls. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You are working towards a purpose. You are helping impact students and learners of all ages. Your community, whether they ever know it or not, is a better place because of your sacrifice. They may not know it, but we do. You are appreciated, and we are grateful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Funds For Learning!

Your E-rate Guides