• Maintaining proper composure and perspective, even when the stakes are high
  • Offering a steady and consistent approach in the midst of stressful circumstances
  • Reducing the stress in others while staying collected, despite external agitation
Space. Our heroes’ green space ship is zooming across the cosmos, pursued by a swarm of angry robots.  Laser fire blows out one of their engines, and the delivery boy screams “FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT! FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!” The brave captain replies that only the professor can fix the engines, resigned to their fate. Only then does the professor’s clone recover from a head wound and reassure the crew that he knows how to fix the engines. The engines are fixed, the crew escapes, and the day is saved.

So I was binge watching Futurama again. When I was asked to write this week’s GuideMark blog article about Calming Presence, the above scene-turned-meme quickly sprang to mind. When Fry panics, as is often the case in the show, he is also sabotaging their own efforts to repair the ship and escape. He isn’t able to do anything productive or beneficial while yelling, and he is taking the crew’s attention away from the more important issue. But Leela calms him down, even though she doesn’t have any direct solution herself. But by remaining calm, she is setting an example for the rest of the crew. This allows Cubert (the aforementioned clone) to think for a moment and come up with a solution.

In my time at Funds For Learning, I have seen many similar situations (although with a little less yelling). When you think of Calming Presence, some may think of it in terms of communicating with clients. But it is just as important in how we communicate with each other. By keeping our cool under pressure, we can allow ourselves and those around us to think clearly and achieve the best outcomes.
Key Words and Phrases
Steady and collected; Not agitated or disturbed; Steadiness of mind under stress; Composed; Peaceful; Cause to be calm; Collected; Abate stress.
Opposite Terms
Agitation; Commotion; Disturb; Stir up.
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