• Keeping promises while facing challenges or the temptation of an easier path
  • Seeing something through to the end and keeping the right attitude about it
  • Honoring my responsibilities with diligence, even when it requires sacrifice
"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." – Vince Lombardi
Commitment is one of the most important guidemarks that FFL has, in my opinion. It serves to help us navigate our daily tasks, interact with our clients/ customers and co-workers, and creates an over-arching umbrella of certitude in our thoughts, actions and deeds.
One of the pleasures of seeing this guidemark come to fruition has been implemented companywide this Fall – the conscious, intentional commitment of gathering together by each team into our daily morning huddles. Each team member shares a synopsis of events that occurred the day before, and what is coming up for them today. The sharing of knowledge is brief, pointed and succinct. The intent is to communicate items of importance that will affect the team’s efforts and outcomes going forward. Commitment comes in the form of: 1) physically showing up for your team’s meeting, 2) sharing your progress report with the team, 3) hearing everyone else’s progress.  The beauty of this form of commitment is that it may not be comfortable to participate at first, but with steady usage and gentle guidance from our mentors, it becomes a positive group tool to build assurance and trust in each other and sustain the excellence of service that our clients have come to expect from us.

Commitment helps me navigate the daily tasks in my realm of responsibility. At any given time, I might need to reply to a co-worker on an HR-related matter or create a quote or an invoice for an E-rate Manager license, or respond to a request for adding a user to an E-rate Manager account. In preparation for each task, my commitment to our company guidemarks keep me grounded in the knowledge that each action taken is done so with the dedication of doing it correctly, appropriately and specifically - to meet the needs of the requester.

On the lighter side, commitment allows us, as a group of like-minded individuals, to be able to focus on the work we do for our clients every day, but also allows us to take time to enjoy each others' company in social occasions, like our recent Christmas party. We participated in an assortment of comical and unique skits after which prizes were awarded for the winners in several categories. Although some had tree trimmings and ornaments hanging off them while others looked a bit “pink” (Jonathan – I’m not naming any names…), we ended up laughing WITH each other and making great memories that will last for many years to come!  It is this commitment in our common goals that gives us the freedom to express our individualism in funny situations, and yet still have trust in one another that we will work together when it comes to effectively meeting and exceeding our clients’ E-rate needs throughout the year.

Key words and phrases
Sticking with it; Faithfulness; Worthy of trust; Diligent and reliable; Dedication to a pledge; Dependable Sacrifice to keep a promise; Taking ownership of a situation

Opposite terms
Not finishing the job; Undependable; Not worthy of trust; Wishy-washy

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