• Foreseeing and intervening in anticipation of future needs or changes
  • Initiating and preparing beforehand rather than reacting afterwards
  • Taking steps ahead of time based on training, knowledge and experience
It’s winter and I’m starting to get the itch to go skiing again. For many years now I have made an annual trek to the Rockies to hit the slopes. Today I’m giving myself a bit of a pat on the back because last year right after I came back from skiing I took some notes on my experience. Here were my notes:
Where I went: Red River, NM
Things I forgot: sunscreen, bandana, glove liners, backpack
Conditions: many runs were closed, grass and rocks were exposed, base was 20-24 inches, season total snowfall was 31 inches
Lodging: where I stayed and how much I paid
So recently I got those notes out and reviewed them. The first thing I did after reading them was I went out on the web and checked the skiing conditions at Red River. Good news! They have actually had much better snowfall this year than they did last year. I was thinking about trying to go someplace else but now I know that I have a chance at having a better experience this year if I stick with Red River. Also, I have that list of things I forgot last year. My choices then were to either go without or buy some replacements while I was out there. Now I have this list reminding me to take these things that I missed. Finally, I noted where I stayed last year and the rate they charged. I liked that place, but when I went to make a reservation this year I noticed that they dramatically increased their rates. If I hadn’t taken those notes, I might just go there again and not really be aware that I was paying much more.
At the end of that trip last year I was thinking proactively. I was anticipating going again this year and wanted to have a better experience if possible. Now I know some things that I want to change and some things that I want to keep the same. And I’m looking forward to having an even better experience this year! In the same way, here at Funds for Learning we are gearing up for another application filing window. We are reflecting on our experiences last year: thinking about what worked well in the past and what we want to change for this year. Doing so is going to help us get through it all with a little less stress and a little more success.
Key Words and Phrases
Preparation, anticipation, planning
Opposite terms
Reactive, retroactive, shortsighted
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