• Fulfilling needs at the right moment with the proper use of resources
  • Completing responsibilities punctually and at the correct pace
  • Delivering on time so that others have adequate time to meet their obligations
Our clients rely on us to deliver timely customer service. Timely customer service is the strategy of providing needed assistance and advice in a prompt fashion. This can be provided in person, on the telephone, through emails, and the help desk. Providing timely service is essential for building a connection between E-rate Guides the school or library representative. Positive and timely interactions with clients can determine whether the client continues to look to our organization for E-rate help or chose to explore the services of another company. 

As an E-rate Guide, it is our responsibility to make customers feel heard and understood while clarifying the E-rate process. Our goal is to ensure the school, district, library, or library system can receive the discounts that they need. We must constantly ask ourselves questions to determine the quality and timeliness of guidance we are delivering. Is there a deadline approaching? Have I responded in a timely fashion? Am I participating in active listening or am I missing key information that the customer is providing? Am I documenting this call with detailed notes in so that someone else who was not on the call can follow up with the customer if needed? The E-rate program is deadline driven and complicated which is why schools and libraries look to Funds For Learning for help. When we serve our customers, we must provide timely customer service and meet program deadlines to maintain the integrity of the company-client relationship. 

Key Words and Phrases
At the right time; Punctual; Convenient; Prompt; In time; Well-timed; Occurring at a suitable time.

Opposite Terms
Tardy; Too late; Missed chance.


GuideMarks – Distinguishing Characteristics of FFL E-rate Guides

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