• Providing outcomes that represent the best efforts for the task at hand
  • Going the extra mile to deliver completed assignments to co-workers and customers
  • Refusing to be satisfied with incomplete or inferior work
We recently needed movers, and quite honestly, I didn’t do much homework before selecting them.  I hired one team for moving, and another team of movers for unloading.  

To my horror, the first team arrived arguing -- each mover having different ideas of how to break down items. They were without proper tools and repeatedly tried fitting furniture through a doorway that was clearly not wide enough (the phrase ‘make it fit’ still gives me chills).  They couldn’t agree on any approach, and haphazardly piled items into the truck with no organization or thought. They were completely unprofessional, in fact, dysfunctional is a more fitting definition. 

My immediate thought was to send them away, but this was not an option. I was stuck with a team that didn’t have any value, quality work, or customer service.   

After this unsettling experience, my mind wondered to how much worse it could be on the other end. Anticipating the worst, I was surprisingly greeted by a very polite, professional person. He walked through the area, removed doors to make larger openings, and asked where everything would be placed. He was quick to complete the job, a pleasure to work with, and because of this I was happy to offer him a reference for future work, and he expressed his appreciation for hiring him.

This ‘real-time’ experience emphasized the benefit of having the right team and taking extra steps to be sure the job was being done right to have a successful outcome for all parties.   

At Funds For Learning, we explore every avenue to take the best, and most compliant solution for our E rate stakeholders. We strive to make E-rate a positive experience and deliver quality service to our clients. Building lasting professional relationships on trust, you can take comfort that Funds For Learning will go the ‘extra mile’ with your E-rate.  

Key Words and Phrases
Excellence; Greatest degree of good; Maximum effort; Highest quality service; Do your best; Top performance; Finest; Complete, lacking in nothing.

Opposite Terms
Lacking; Incomplete; Unprepared; Shoddy.

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