• Recognizing and supporting the positive values demonstrated in other people’s actions
  • Fostering an environment that encourages GuideMarks and other healthy behaviors
  • Acknowledging, with specificity, the good work of others
Now that most schools are out for the summer, people are beginning to think of vacations and how they can most enjoy these next few summer months. One of the most popular family vacation destinations is Disney which I love to visit, but I am also very intrigued by how they manage their parks.

Every time, I/my family has visited Disney, the customer service is beyond my expectations. I am always fascinated and interested by how they can manage a very large staff that is continually offering the guests the best experience. Because of my peaked interest in Disney, I started occasionally reading some of their many blogs primarily to stay informed on what new attractions are being created and when they will debut. One of the blogs that I remembered recently was the four ways that Disney Institute suggested to recognize “Cast Members” which I think can be a great reminder for everyone in our daily interactions and how we can encompass the Reinforce the Good GuideMark:  
  • Proactively search for people doing it right. Not only does this increase the likelihood that the good behaviors will repeat, but also the positive reinforcement that comes from acknowledging good behaviors nurtures an individual’s self-confidence, further enabling them to do their best work.
  • Meaningful recognition will look different to different people. A “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t always the best option. For some people, that means recognizing them discreetly in private; for others, it could mean recognizing them in front of their peers. Whatever it is, get to know your people as individuals, and recognize them in a manner they most prefer.
  • Infuse variety, creativity, and leader discretion into your care strategy. Remember recognition does not have to be expensive or overly dramatic, and it can often occur in unexpected ways. Look for new opportunities to show your appreciation.
  • Recognizing for cultural values is as important as recognizing for all other business criteria or outcomes. While it’s absolutely appropriate to reward employees based on business outcomes, it shouldn’t be the only thing you recognize. In fact, when you celebrate employees for displaying the correct behaviors (those that closely align with your organizational values), it becomes a powerful drive for employee engagement.
As we approach a new summer season, we can take the opportunity to refresh and renew our focus by recognizing individuals for what they are doing right. Reinforcing the Good not only recognizes people doing tasks correctly but it also increases the likelihood that these good behaviors will repeat. The positive reinforcement that comes from acknowledging good behaviors nurtures an individual’s self-confidence. Increased confidence further enables people to do their best work, which, with continuous reinforcement, has the potential to make a dramatic and lasting impact on the organization.

Positive reinforcement can be one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve an individual’s happiness and effectiveness. I encourage you to renew your focus on proactively searching for and recognizing people who doing things right.
Key Words and Phrases
Encourage a response; Support; Reward an action; Strengthen or increase; Instruct; Boost or shore up; Affirm and validate; Foster and sustain; Bolster or amplify; Emphasize or stress
Opposite Terms
Tear down; Weaken; Ignore; Undermine
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