• Applying rigorous attention to accuracy and detail
  • Understanding the full scope of an assignment and seeing it through to completion
  • Working to the best of my ability in a comprehensive, correct and timely manner
When you think about or hear the word thoroughness, what comes to mind? I often picture a detective trying to solve a case or the clichés, “leave no rock unturned” and “dot your I’s and cross your T’s”. Basically, when I think about thoroughness, I look at it as the innate ability to do your job. Elbert Hubbard said, “Thoroughness characterizes all successful men. Genius is the art of taking infinite pains. All great achievement has been characterized by extreme care, infinite painstaking, even to the minutest detail.”

To be thorough often means reading the fine print. It may be painstaking to do so, but that footnote is there for a reason. If you gloss over it, it may just cost you in the long run. A lesson I experienced recently had, while taking my daughter in for her annual eye appointment. This year she was set on getting contacts and losing the glasses she so enthusiastically wanted just the year before. Knowing that there was different coverage and cost associated with getting contacts I pulled out our benefits summary, just to get an understanding of what to expect. We went through the exam and got fitted for contacts. We chose the daily lens to try for comfort, convenience, and to help guard against the offset chance that we lose or tear a lens that should last two weeks or a month.  

Satisfied with the trial pair we sat down at the doctor’s office to place the order for an annual supply. Okay Mr. Lock, the total cost comes to…$$$$. What? That is four times the amount we expected to pay. Why so much? Well your policy doesn’t cover dailies. Oh yes it does, I said it covers…and there it was, the little footnote that led you to the bottom of the webpage, which read coverage subject to change and provided a nice little link to an updated list of contacts currently offered. Well that can’t be. Why would the PDF benefits summary we received be different than what’s displayed online? Taking the time to call my provider to discuss helped clarify that the materials covered had in fact changed and that if we went with the dailies, it would incur a higher out of pocket cost. Well good thing we just didn’t phone in our order and get stuck in the end. 

Embodying thoroughness into our culture at Funds For Learning, staying abreast of the latest policy changes and researching how that may affect our clients, is one of the things we do best. Having the knowledge and being able to apply it where it matters helps us to save our clients costly mistakes in the end. It may sometimes be painful to weed through the details, but anything less and we wouldn’t be doing our job. 

Key Words and Phrases
Carried through to completion; Rigorous and exhaustive; Fully developed in all aspects; Having full mastery; Leaving no stone unturned; Painstakingly careful; Seeing it through to the end; Touching all bases; Meticulous, with great care; Attentive to accuracy and detail.

Opposite Terms
Shoddy; Superficial; Partial; Incomplete; Lacking.
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