• Fulfilling needs at the right moment with the proper use of resources
  • Completing responsibilities punctually and at the correct pace
  • Delivering on time so that others have adequate time to meet their obligations

Soon I’ll be going on vacation with my family. I find that though I look forward to vacations, I stress a little over getting ready. Especially about remembering everything I want to take. And invariably when I do forget something, I tend to dwell on that one thing, letting it sour the experience way more than it has any right to.

To mitigate against this, I find that it helps to start my packing days in advance. Sometimes I’ll go so far as to write up a list of things to take, then checking them off before it’s time to go. Sure, I could probably buy most anything I forget once I get to my destination, but that just seems like money wasted, money I could have put towards a souvenir or something else.
I’m also thinking about what I’ve got going on at work, and how I can set up my teammates to cover for me while I am gone. Same principle: I’m doing it now while I have a good chance to think of everything I want to pass on to them, versus waiting until the day before and chancing that I might forget something. I don’t like being left in a bind while they’re gone, so I don’t want to do the same to them.
So, I find that timeliness is a virtue that helps with both work and play. When on vacation, I know that I’ve done my best to prepare and can focus on the time I spend with my family. And with work, it helps capitalize on our team structure so that whenever one of us is gone, the work keeps moving forward. Setting aside time to prepare for the things I know are coming up helps enhance the experience both for me and for the ones I’m spending time with or working with.

Key Words and Phrases
At the right time; Punctual; Convenient; Prompt; In time; Well-timed; Occurring at a suitable time.

Opposite Terms
Tardy; Too Late; Missed Chance.

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