• Acknowledging my shortcomings and taking ownership in results, not blaming others
  • Accepting my responsibility to clients and colleagues and admitting my role in situation
  • Seeking accountability, focusing on self-improvement, and providing solutions

The FFL Guidemark Offer No Excuses is serenely simple and begs the follow-up “non-Nike” remark, “Just Don’t do It”. But how does that really translate into consistent and proactive encounters at work where each of us strive to actively support a healthy and productive environment aimed at eliminating this energy-zapping behavior? 

At the heart of FFL’s guiding phrase, “Serving with Integrity” is the root of employee accountability – in word and action. We have a team-oriented approach to our client work in E-rate, accountability permeates the various systems we have in place for collaboration, analysis and verification. Ultimately these systems foster collective problem solving. This in turn benefits our clients by providing them with world class service.

The “I don’t have enough knowledge” excuse is rarely used by FFLers, as we are continually educating ourselves with the latest news and trainings offered by USAC and the E-rate Management Professionals Organization (of which FFL has several certified CEMPs).

The “I don’t have enough time” excuse may try and rear its head with an impending USAC deadline – but it doesn’t gain any real traction because the strategic huddle sessions all teams participate in daily, provide clear goals and workable solutions to small or large issues. 

The “I don’t know where to begin” excuse is consistently quelled by teamwork.

And finally, the “I’m afraid of making mistakes” excuse may, on the off chance, be used extremely seldom, such as in rolling out new projects or protocols. Our natural tendency is to want to do things right the first time. But sometimes unexpected variables come into play that prevents a successful outcome. FFL’s team-oriented approach turns these errors or mistakes into learning opportunities that stay focused on the facts, take ownership of what went wrong, and offer pro-active solutions to help eliminate the same errors or mistakes next time.

What is “Offer No Excuses”? It’s simply to take initiative and move forward with purpose. At FFL, we pride ourselves by doing just that – everyday.


Key Words and Phrases
Take ownership in outcomes, Agree to responsibility, Accept accountability, Provide solutions, Recognize failures, Acknowledge shortcomings, Focus on results not excuses, Admit mistakes.

Opposite Terms
Rationalize inferior work, Deny or justify a fault, Offer a pretext for failure, Provide self-justification.

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