• Maintaining proper composure and perspective, even when the stakes are high
  • Offering a steady and consistent approach in the midst of stressful circumstances
  • Reducing the stress in others while staying collected, despite external agitation
I don’t think the timing for writing this article, for this GuideMark, could have ever been planned better. Having spent all my adult life in Florida and weathered many tropical storms, the past week has been focused on Hurricane Dorian, the preparations, evacuation plans, the news media, and all while working, and trying to maintain a normal daily routine. I’ve witnessed so many examples in recent days of what is not what I would view as a calming presence, between social media posts, being at Walmart at 6am trying to get cases of water with hundreds of other people with the same thought and have realized just how important this GuideMark relates to life, and touches everyone, regardless of your profession.

Everyone experiences stressors; whether it be work related deadlines, a crying child, an unplanned family crisis, a pet that’s afraid of thunder, or, a hurricane. But it’s how we react to these stressors that determine whether we remain productive, maintain morale, and make a lasting impact that can reduce the stress when the event happens again in the future. 

What’s interesting is the more thought I give to how I should maintain a calming presence to those around me, especially my clients, co-workers, and family, the more I realized that the storm preparations and the application review process for FY19 are very similar  -  not really sure where it’s going, not knowing how fast it will be, not getting any indication how quickly it will end. The waiting and delays are closing schools, and costing thousands of dollars a day - both have the same impact. Sound familiar? 

The importance of being a calming presence is unquestionably a trait that our clients deserve, and we all work very hard to maintain at Funds For Learning. One could say that we wear the ‘Thunder Shirts’ for our clients, to shield them from the stressors that comes along with their E-rate.
Key Words and Phrases
Steady and collected; Not agitated or disturbed; Steadiness of mind under stress; Composed; Peaceful; Cause to be calm; Collected; Abate stress.
Opposite Terms
Agitation; Commotion; Disturb; Stir up.
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