• Keeping promises while facing challenges or the temptation of an easier path
  • Seeing something through to the end and keeping the right attitude about it
  • Honoring my responsibilities with diligence, even when it requires sacrifice
For the past few years at home, we have been raising a golden retriever. Most dog owners know that having a dog takes a lot of commitment. This is especially true with goldens. They are quite clever and can be strong-willed, which makes a wonderful combination. Once they make up their mind about something, they have a long-track, single-minded determination that usually ends with them achieving victory, even if the cost is a stern scolding or some alone time outside. Oh, and they shed. A lot. If you are thinking about getting one, be prepared to vacuum just about every day. In fact, if you ever had a dream to start up a company to sell home-grown, hand-woven, dog-hair sweaters over the Internet, you are going to want golden retrievers.  
Commitment is the act of deciding beforehand that you are going to follow through with something, regardless of the cost or how long it takes. Without commitment, things that take a long time and require perseverance either don’t happen, or don’t happen well. Part of that is planning and having goals that you can strive to reach. Goals will help keep you on track. And without a plan, you’ll be off on a tangent or wrapped up in busy-work instead of making forward progress. Having a plan will also help inform you about what tools and resources you need to reach your goals. For example, if your goal is to not be hip-deep in clouds of golden hair, you are going to need a vacuum cleaner and have a plan to use it regularly.
As you set your goals and make plans, it’s important to remember accountability can be an important part of Commitment too. Either you should be able to hold yourself accountable, or, even better, have someone that you can be accountable to. It can be very tempting to let your commitments slide if you know that no-one will know what you are actually doing. Letting others know your plan and providing them regular updates can go a long way to keeping you motivated, and on track.

Key words and phrases
Sticking with it; Faithfulness; Worthy of trust; Diligent and reliable; Dedication to a pledge; Dependable Sacrifice to keep a promise; Taking ownership of a situation

Opposite terms
Not finishing the job; Undependable; Not worthy of trust; Wishy-washy

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