• Arranging documents and other communications in an easy-to-follow, useful manner
  • Identifying and properly labeling data, information sources and assumptions
  • Organizing work in a methodical and tidy fashion, free from irregularity

Recently, I moved to a new apartment. The move resulted in possessions being given or thrown away, and after all my items were moved to my new home, I came to a most dreadful realization. I needed furniture. More specifically a bed frame, a kitchen table, chairs, a bookcase, and many more things. Like any other millennial, I pulled out my Chromebook, ventured online, and ordered furniture from everyone’s favorite Swedish shop, IKEA.

And three weeks later, my furniture arrived. Neatly packed in rectangular boxes. Everything was stored in order of when you would need each piece. Nothing was out of place, disorganized, or rumpled. The instructions were completely pictures, but each diagram went simply and smoothly through the steps of building a bed frame or a chair. And the pieces were clearly labeled or fit so well together that there were no difficulties at all putting together a Queen bedframe by myself.

I know we often can’t physically see the packaged product of E-rate. E-rate work doesn’t come in neat boxes, like IKEA furniture. Rather, the neatness comes in each email sent and every form created. Much like the IKEA warehouse and its rows of furniture, Funds For Learning has its own warehouse of neatly packaged, well-organized E-rate documents. Except everything is tidily stored online. So, if you ever find yourself in need of an FCC Form 470 or FCC Form 471, Funds For Learning is always there to craft and send a simple, organized, and neat E-rate form for your school or library.


Key Words and Phrases
Precise; Tidy; Methodical; Fastidious; Free from irregularity; Systematic; Arranged orderly; Admirable.

Opposite Terms
Disorganized; Sloppy; Messy; Disheveled.

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