• Treating others with respect and courtesy, being honest and responsible at all times
  • Adhering to high standards of integrity and ethics without wavering
  • Dressing, communicating, and conducting myself in a manner appropriate to the setting

This year I refinanced my home into my name after a life change. This was a stressful time and I was scared about the whole process.

Although I feared this experience, it became one of the best business encounters of my life. The mortgage banker was funny, attentive and approachable. He was able to communicate and be honest about what I needed to do, in his opinion. His interaction helped calm me down and talk through some complicated financial matters and create a good direction for myself.

If I would have had an inexperienced, uninterested professional helping me with my refinance, I would have been lost in the decision making. 

I noticed this professional organization:

  • Had a set system and followed it, wasn’t scattered, each step was a similar process through online portal - 
  • Easy communication, calls returned, emails replied to -
  • Personal connection made with humor and jokes, I didn’t feel like I was dealing with a robot –
  • Set expectations and met them - 
  • Took the worry out of the clients (me) hands -
This mortgage banker made a scary process, a very fun process. What a blessing!
As I went through my experience with this very important change in my life, I compared the professionalism with the bank and the professionalism at Funds for Learning. Both organizations exemplify a high-level of care and expertise.
I must applaud both institutions. We Rock! 

Being a professional is more than what you do, it’s how you do it. When you demonstrate professionalism, you treat others with respect. You adhere to standards of behavior and courtesy towards others. You faithfully serve others to the best of your ability. You honor your commitments, and, when appropriate, you acknowledge the limitations in your ability to fulfill others’ needs.

Key Words and Phrases
Exhibiting courteous behavior; Conscientious manners; Technical prowess; Expert; Ethical standards; Trained; Experienced; Authority.

Opposite Terms
Amateur; Inexperienced; Dabbler; Non-expert.


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