• Planning ahead of time what it will take to achieve a desired outcome
  • Thinking through the priorities, resources, and methods necessary to achieve a specific result
  • Working smarter, not just harder, by leveraging knowledge, experience, team skills and available tools

This is the time of year when planning ahead is inevitable. It’s Christmas time, the most wonderful time of the year (did you sing that part).  It is gift giving and buying season, some parents and families all over have already bought presents and some are procrastinators. Which one are you? I will confess I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping, however I have done better this year. When I was in college, of course I didn’t have much money to spend, I would do all my shopping on Christmas Eve, and surprisingly the mall would not be super crowded.

This is also the time of year where we advise our E-Rate clients to plan ahead, by verifying sites, getting us the enrollment and lunch data, and ultimately completing their Form 470. These are some of the beginning steps to achieve the desired outcome of receiving E-Rate funds for the next school year/years to come. The entire process is the meaning of “Work by Design”, the planning ahead, thinking through what is needed, using FFL as a resource, the knowledge and experience of our clients and FFL, and teamwork throughout FFL to make sure we get the job done correctly. The end goal is for our clients to receive E-Rate funding and we intend to do so by working smarter versus working harder. We can accomplish this by utilizing the knowledge and experience of our team, which spans across 20+ years.
As we approach the upcoming filing window, I would like to encourage everyone to Work By Design. When we all Work By Design, we all win when we work as a team and the results will show we worked smarter and not harder.  Merry Christmas!


Key Words and Phrases
Skillful use of time and energy; Good use of resources with little waste; Produce desired result effectively; Work smarter, not just harder; Potent; Fruitful; Efficient; Productive

Opposite Terms
Wasteful; Ineffective; Unproductive; Ill-planned

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