• Communicating information, sharing assignments and working cohesively with the FFL team
  • Appreciating and leveraging the strengths of others, relying on them for help, input and feedback
  • Volunteering to help someone else complete a task without expecting credit for it


The word “team” is overused. It has become a generic term used to describe almost any group of people that share something in common. There are many words that can be used to describe a group with a shared purpose, but team isn’t an accurate term for the vast majority of them.

True teamwork is much more than a euphemism for working at the same place or sharing a common cause or purpose. It implies reliance on one another to accomplish the goal. It means that everyone is mission critical and that each individual’s roles and responsibilities must be carried out, coordinated, and communicated in tandem, and timed to interact with and support the work of other teammates.

At FFL, we take a literal approach to using the word team. We deliberately structure our work so that we are forced to rely on one another. This takes extra communication; this takes sharing assignments (both giving and receiving); and this takes working cohesively with one another, even when it takes more effort. However, this extra commitment to team functioning is worth it. Nothing compares to the satisfaction experienced by a team, working in harmony, that reaches a goal that could not have otherwise been achieved by an individual(s).


We pursue and promote teamwork because of what happens when a group of people choose to trust and rely on each other to function together as a team – and the result is that we grow as individuals, we develop stronger relationships, we produce better results for our customers, and we enjoy life and experience more meaningful moments than we would have otherwise. That’s pretty cool!


Key Words and Phrases

Reliance and interdependence; Common goals; Shared responsibility; Cooperation; Mutual accountability; Blended strengths; Esprit de corps; Trust in one another.

Opposite Terms

Going it alone; Not trusting others; Not supporting others; Not relying on others.


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