• Explaining the rationale behind a request or recommendation
  • Equipping others with the purpose of an assignment and the significance of information
  • Giving the details, sharing the context and removing the mystery behind our words and actions

Why do we do the things we do? It's an important question, especially when you find yourself falling into certain routines. Actions that seem completely normal to you may seem to others as odd or unnecessary. Many of us have our little quirks, right? We cut our toast diagonally instead of straight across. We fill our cars with gas every Saturday morning whether it needs it or not. We still buy CDs instead of downloading music (this one's mine!).

Now, can you explain your little quirks? I can explain mine. I've downloaded my share of music, but I still like getting CDs. It makes getting new music a little more of an experience. I get to open the package. I get to look through the artwork. I get to read some of the little notes that the musicians included that give me a little peak behind the scenes. These may not be good enough reasons for you to start buying CDs and that's okay. But me just writing down my reasons helps me be even more committed to keep doing what I'm doing. It just makes sense for me.
So, how about work? There is a little more on the line when it comes to the reasons we do what we do. I recently had a great experience with my teammates when it comes to sharing the reason. We all needed to make a decision that is going to affect all of us daily. We were deciding between two options. The first option would be to keep doing things the way we have been doing them for years. But it was going to create some challenges for us in terms of being able to work with other business partners. The alternative we were considering was going to be an adjustment for all of us, but the reasons to make the change didn't seem very compelling. Ultimately, we decided to make the change. At the end of our deliberation, I think we were all able to explain clearly why we made the decision we made. I think it will help us be united, remain committed for the days to come and even inform our later decision making.

Key Words and Phrases
Offer a rationale; Explain; Give details; Clarify; Describe; Put in plain words; Make clear; Enlighten.

Opposite Terms
Mystery; In the dark; Secrecy; Ambiguity.


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