• Applying rigorous attention to accuracy and detail
  • Understanding the full scope of an assignment and seeing it through to completion
  • Working to the best of my ability in a comprehensive, correct and timely manner

You should see my plate before a meal. Every little thing must be perfect – e.g., food goes on it in order, certain foods can touch while others cannot, and the presentation has to be just right. This also takes a considerable amount of time. And it isn’t limited to cooking for someone else or when others are around; I take this much time when I’m completely alone. 

I don’t know where or how this habit started. In high school, I worked as a cook in a restaurant. Maybe that’s it. 
I view the attention to detail as a good thing. I devote time in the beginning so that everything turns out the way it should. After all, I spent the time making the food and/or money buying groceries. Why would I “phone-in” this last part?
On the other hand, it’s (understandably) painstaking for my fiancé to watch. Often, by the time I get everything sorted out, she’s finished eating for some time. I’ve tried to explain that you just can’t rush perfection *chef’s kiss*. But she usually gets annoyed and angry anyway. She’s even taken to timing the process and surreptitiously recording me to prove her point. 
I am not suggesting this level of thoroughness or attention to detail to anyone when it comes to plating food – or anything else this generally unimportant. 
Given the point in the E-rate funding year, however, I am suggesting you be this thorough in one respect: with your E-rate funding applications. 
Applying attention to detail to ensure your Form 471 is complete and accurate can go a long way. Putting forth the extra effort now can save time and hassle later, avoiding unnecessary delay and administrative headaches. Most importantly, that added attention to accuracy and detail and ensuring the form is correct can maximize your available funding.   
Maybe don’t do with your application what I do with food. Don’t focus on your Form 471 at the expense of your personal relationships. But it truly is to your advantage to be thorough now and to work to the best of your ability to make sure your Form 471 is submitted timely and accurately.  

Key Words and Phrases
Carried through to completion; Rigorous and exhaustive; Fully developed in all aspects; Having full mastery; Leaving no stone unturned; Painstakingly careful; Seeing it through to the end; Touching all bases; Meticulous, with great care; Attentive to accuracy and detail.

Opposite Terms
Shoddy; Superficial; Partial; Incomplete; Lacking.


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