• Recognizing and supporting the positive values demonstrated in other people’s actions
  • Fostering an environment that encourages GuideMarks and other healthy behaviors
  • Acknowledging, with specificity, the good work of others
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique challenge for schools and libraries across the nation. There is also a lot of uncertainty surrounding how it will affect the future of the E-rate program in addition to the extension of the FY2020 Filing Window. Beyond the world of E-rate, it is affecting every aspect of lives around schools; as of this writing, 37 states have closed all schools for the safety of students, staff, and their families. Libraries around the nation have also closed. And while this all goes on, E-rate deadlines continue, and the work of getting Internet access to schools and libraries is more important than ever.
All of this has added even more stress to E-rate applicants around the U.S. At a time like this, it is very important to take time to Reinforce the Good when you see it. (This can also help to provide a much needed Calming Presence.)
  • If someone goes above and beyond, be sure to thank them.
  • Foster an environment where others feel safe to reinforce the good they see as well.
  • Be specific. Acknowledging the exact work done is always more helpful than generic, broad praise.
By remaining courteous to others, keeping calm, and Reinforcing the Good, everyone can help do their part to improve our situation.
Key Words and Phrases
Encourage a response; Support; Reward an action; Strengthen or increase; Instruct; Boost or shore up; Affirm and validate; Foster and sustain; Bolster or amplify; Emphasize or stress
Opposite Terms
Tear down; Weaken; Ignore; Undermine
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