• Providing outcomes that represent the best efforts for the task at hand
  • Going the extra mile to deliver completed assignments to co-workers and customers
  • Refusing to be satisfied with incomplete or inferior work
I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all submitted work that was less than adequate. Maybe it was that time in school where you put off doing that science fair project until the night before it was due. Let’s say you were trying to determine the effects the shape of a boat has on water displacement and buoyancy. But you hadn’t yet built the diorama, recorded any results, or even molded the clay boats yet. You ask your parents for help, but they just give you that lecture about procrastinating. So, you stay up most of the night throwing something together that mostly resembles your assignment and will hopefully eke out a decent grade. 
It’s happened to all of us.
That’s obviously not the ideal way to work through an assignment. I mean, the fact that you still managed an A-minus is irrelevant. The point is, you clearly didn’t put your best work forward. 
It’s one thing to put off an individual assignment that only affects you. It’s another when it affects others. At Funds For Learning, that is almost always the case. My work not only affects my coworkers, but it’s not a stretch to say it could literally affect thousands of students across the country. And with things the way they are right now, connectivity to the Internet has never been more important. 
A lot of students won’t be in a classroom for quite a while. And some Districts may offer online learning options. And while E-rate does not pay for connectivity to a student’s home, it does underscore the significance of the Internet service itself. 
There are definitely some new challenges ahead. More people will be adjusting to working from home. Some of them will have kids staying home from school for a while. It will take some time to figure out a new normal. It will be tough. But that’s still not an excuse to let your work suffer. 
I can assure you that no matter the situation, Funds For Learning will be putting our best collective foot forward to make sure that we consistently deliver top notch work to our clients and coworkers. Otherwise, there’s that feeling of “what if.”
What if I would have...oh, I mean what if you would have started that science fair project a little earlier. Done better research, completed the diorama sooner, not needed to rush through it the night before. Luckily E-rate is not quite the same as a science fair. We will not be procrastinating on any applications this filing window. Funds For Learning will go the extra mile to make sure the work is complete and our customers are satisfied. As if our grade depends on it.

Key Words and Phrases
Excellence; Greatest degree of good; Maximum effort; Highest quality service; Do your best; Top performance; Finest; Complete, lacking in nothing.

Opposite Terms
Lacking; Incomplete; Unprepared; Shoddy.

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