• Concentrating efforts along the right priorities in an effective manner
  • Honing attention, time and energy into fulfilling specific responsibilities
  • Guarding against distractions and saying “no” to that which degrades high-quality performance

We often encounter difficult situations that challenge us to adjust our daily lives. We are faced with a multitude of problems that require our immediate attention at the same time. The question remains; how do you perform an uncomfortable balancing act on a consistent basis without wavering? Focusing our attention to individual challenges at a time can improve and sustain the required balance.

Recently, I watched a TV show where a family of four was on a road trip in their recreational vehicle (RV). As the RV travelled down the highway, they could see smoke on the horizon. Once they got close to the source of the smoke, they realized the grass field to their right was on fire. Not contemplating how significant the fire was, they continued with their journey.

After driving a few miles, the family realized the magnitude of the fire. It was a 200-acre fire that was getting closer and closer to the road they were traveling on. It was threatening to engulf their vehicle. The visibility was low due to smoke. The family started to panic, fearing the worst. As they got nervous, they started yelling and screaming at their father who was driving. The shouting didn’t help but made the situation for the driver worse.  

In a split second he, the driver of the RV, made a U-turn and started driving back the other direction. The road ahead wasn’t better as he had hoped. The fire, now raging on the left side of the road, had become so intense and smoke had started overwhelming other motorist making them slow down or stop their vehicles in the middle of the road. Realizing the danger, the driver turned the RV and drove into a grass field to their right, opposite the wildfire, until they were safe out of danger. Once safe, the driver turned to his wife and kids to console them.

The moral of the story here is that when faced with different challenging situations, focusing and solving one incident at a time can improve and sustain necessary balancing act. The driver’s first objective was to keep the family safe. The panic and yelling didn’t seem to bother him at the time and may have made the difference in getting his family to safety.
At Funds For Learning, our focus is the client. We have processes in place that help guard against distractions and assist us focus our attention to their needs. This of course goes hand in hand with the people that implement and balance these processes to ensure that clients' needs are met and exceeded.

Key Words and Phrases
To concentrate attention; Emphasis; Fasten; Center; Train; To have a clear perception; To bring to focus.

Opposite Terms
Blurry; Out of focus; Without direction.


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