• Explaining the rationale behind a request or recommendation
  • Equipping others with the purpose of an assignment and the significance of information
  • Giving the details, sharing the context and removing the mystery behind our words and actions

As they say, timing is everything, and when I was asked to share my thoughts on Funds For Learning’s Share the Reason Guidemark, too many real-life scenarios came to mind.

Like most, my every day routine has changed drastically over the past few months.  From a work perspective, I felt like I was ahead of the curve, I knew how to “Zoom” before “Zooming” became newsworthy.  

It was the small things, like buying groceries, that rocked my world. Just the (almost) daily thought of not meandering through an aisle and selecting my products threw me into what my adult kids viewed as the Dark Ages. This daunting task resulted in sleepless nights, unsuccessfully trying to figure out the online grocery/delivery world.

Fortunately, I was able to engage the help of my daughters, who were clearly already experts in this arena. They walked me through the process and explained the various solutions - from downloading the apps and setting up payments, to ordering the goods - all while patiently answering my 100+ texts during this process.  

After submitting my first order, and having a sense of accomplishment, I quickly learned that I was not prepared for was the influx of “substitution” texts from my shopper as they attempted to replace out of stock items from my list with similar products. Had this been explained, I may have been better prepared, or found a more appropriate time to schedule this event (which was literally an event!). Previously I could only relate to substitutions in the E-rate world!  Who knew?

It became apparent to me that their patience in helping me through what I viewed as a crisis, was so relative to how we guide our clients to understand the E-rate world by helping them understand the reason behind everything from eligibility, deadlines, and the continuing changes to the program. Even now, sharing and relating to our clients during these very unforeseen times, makes sharing even more important.  

Funds For Learning’s focus has always been to help our E-rate stakeholders understand the importance of E-rate to connect the students in the classrooms, and now, these ‘classrooms’ look quite different. Within the past few months, kitchen tables have become the new classrooms, teachers are virtual (and sometimes called Mom) which only strengthens our mission to expand Internet connectivity to students’ homes. More than ever Sharing the Reason has become important for all E-rate stakeholders, especially the children.

Key Words and Phrases
Offer a rationale; Explain; Give details; Clarify; Describe; Put in plain words; Make clear; Enlighten.

Opposite Terms
Mystery; In the dark; Secrecy; Ambiguity.


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