• Acknowledging my shortcomings and taking ownership in results, not blaming others
  • Accepting my responsibility to clients and colleagues and admitting my role in situation
  • Seeking accountability, focusing on self-improvement, and providing solutions

Excuses lead to unintended circumstances. 

Here is a list of things I have made excuses about:

  • Why I haven’t folded the laundry
  • Why I didn’t have time to walk my dog (for two weeks straight when I worked from home)
  • Why I didn’t exercise
  • Why I didn’t speak up for causes and movements I “support”
Here is a list of things that happened when I made excuses:
  • The laundry did not get folded
  • My dog did not get walked
  • I did not get exercise
  • My “support” of important movements had no effect
As is illustrated above, when I make excuses my life becomes a list of things I didn’t do and the reasons I will keep not doing them. 

Here is a list of things that happened when I stopped making excuses and took accountability:
  • The laundry got folded
  • My dog got walked
  • I got exercise
  • My silent “support” turned into real support and impacted people around me
To quote Brian Tracy “You can make excuses, or you can make progress”.

These are some of my personal examples which depict the reason “Offer No Excuses” is an important GuideMark in the work we do everyday at FFL. It goes without saying that everyone makes mistakes, so when we are empowered to accept responsibility for our shortcomings, we gain the initiative to provide the best possible solution. At FFL our work shows results and progress, which is a direct tie to the conscious effort we put in to “Offering No Excuses”.

Key Words and Phrases
Take ownership in outcomes, Agree to responsibility, Accept accountability, Provide solutions, Recognize failures, Acknowledge shortcomings, Focus on results not excuses, Admit mistakes.

Opposite Terms
Rationalize inferior work, Deny or justify a fault, Offer a pretext for failure, Provide self-justification.


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