A review of the status of Form 471 applications reveals that approximately half of the funds requested have been processed as of August 14, 2020. The remaining 50% fall into one of several categories: USAC Initial Review (32%), Applicant PIA (10%), Summer Deferral (7%), Final Review / Wave Ready (1%), and a very small percentage in a special review status. The chart below shows the status of funds requested by service category. 61% of the Category One dollars requested for Internet access have been awarded compared to 33% of the Category Two dollars requested for on-campus connectivity.

Note: the status is a “snapshot in time” as of August 14, 2020. The status of an application can change frequently, even in the course of a day, depending upon the level of activity. For purposes of this analysis, the USAC reported status of each Form 471 application has been consolidated into a general status description using the following guidelines: