• Applying rigorous attention to accuracy and detail
  • Understanding the full scope of an assignment and seeing it through to completion
  • Working to the best of my ability in a comprehensive, correct and timely manner

How do you deliver a perfect product to a client? Before we answer this question picture yourself walking into a restaurant to indulge in your favorite food and beverage. The restaurant comes highly recommended by the local critic. Even, Siri and Alexa, you may have heard of them, highly recommends the restaurant.  

As you are walking in, your expectation is nothing short of exceptional service. The restaurant crew must meet or exceed your implicit needs. For instance, were the team members friendly, did the server assigned to me take my order and delivered in a timely fashion, did my half-full or half-empty glass of water get filled constantly, etc.     
At the end of your visit to the restaurant, you look at your implied checklist and there is one item that plays a big role in answering; yay or nay. The item on the check list is thoroughness. We asked ourselves earlier: How do you deliver a perfect product to a client? If the restaurant team didn’t apply rigorous attention to accuracy and detail in delivering services we expected, our review of the restaurant would be one out of five stars, way less than supposed five out of five stars, deficient to say the least
At Funds for Learning, thoroughness plays a key role in service delivery to our clients. Through choreography behind the scenes is seamless. We remain focused on clients’ needs. The team is in constant communication with the client to better understanding their needs and see them through to completion in a timely fashion. The team members expectations from each other are clear in order to meet or exceed client’s expectation. A five out of five if you ask me!
Key Words and Phrases
Carried through to completion; Rigorous and exhaustive; Fully developed in all aspects; Having full mastery; Leaving no stone unturned; Painstakingly careful; Seeing it through to the end; Touching all bases; Meticulous, with great care; Attentive to accuracy and detail.

Opposite Terms
Shoddy; Superficial; Partial; Incomplete; Lacking.


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