• Providing outcomes that represent the best efforts for the task at hand
  • Going the extra mile to deliver completed assignments to co-workers and customers
  • Refusing to be satisfied with incomplete or inferior work
When completing the task at hand, is it anyone’s intention not to put their “Best Work Forward”? Probably not. Otherwise one would be intentionally trying to sabotage a project or person to accomplish some ulterior motive. Keys to putting your best work forward are setting the next person up for success, making it easier the next time and simply not quitting. If you fail, you fail. At least you tried and probably learned something in the process. Now there is the law of diminishing returns that one must consider, but that’s where maturity and insight into your own ability play a part in providing the best outcome. Sometimes you have to say it is good enough to move on.  

Setting someone else up for success shows a level of passion and care you have for a subject that can be modelled by those who follow. Putting your best work forward gets peoples attention. It sets a standard they want to emulate and lends to a positive atmosphere. Like anyone of our Guidemarks, it goes back to character. Through your efforts are you serving we or me?

Going the extra mile will make it easier down the road. In running you build up your distance over time. You learn to test your limits, so that you may exceed them next time. It’s all part of growth. You build up your base and then step out in faith. Build and step, build and step. How will you know what your best is, if you are never testing your limits?

Finally, to put your best work forward means not quitting or stopping short of the desired outcome. Sometimes in order to put your best work forward means raising your hand and asking for help. To stick with running, let’s say you have a company goal to complete a marathon. Through your efforts you may know that your best at shorter distances. You can go further, but in order to provide the most value and gain the most return a shorter distance is better. As such a team is formed and you have a relay. This reminds me of a previous blog where I wrote, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a team. If through your efforts you can lighten the load of someone else, how do you think it will make them feel?

Putting your best work forward means serving the greater good. It means putting forth the effort when no one is watching and knowing how to maximize the return to achieve a desired outcome.

Key Words and Phrases
Excellence; Greatest degree of good; Maximum effort; Highest quality service; Do your best; Top performance; Finest; Complete, lacking in nothing.

Opposite Terms
Lacking; Incomplete; Unprepared; Shoddy.

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