Each year the FCC asks for feedback on its E-rate Eligible Services List (ESL). Comments have already been submitted but there is still time to submit additional Reply Comments.
There is one area in particular that deserves attention this year: network cybersecurity. For years, the FCC has allowed the E-rate program to support network security in the form of firewalls; however, the FCC does not currently recognize anything other than basic firewalls as necessary for the proper functioning of a network. Depriving E-rate applicants of support for security threatens the integrity of school and library networks. Cyber threats are ever present, doing real damage to computer networks, stopping the flow of data, and harming organizations. If you agree that cybersecurity is a necessary component for today’s connected schools and libraries, then please let the FCC know now.
Reply comments are due September 4, 2020 and may be submitted via the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System under proceeding 02-6.