• Acknowledging my shortcomings and taking ownership in results, not blaming others
  • Accepting my responsibility to clients and colleagues and admitting my role in situation
  • Seeking accountability, focusing on self-improvement, and providing solutions

With all due respect, faithful reader (readers?), I just did not want to have to write this article today. I had several excuses lined up for Alfred why I was not going to be able to meet his publishing deadline:

“There’s important client work to be done!”
“We’ve got a filing window deadline this Friday!!”
“There’s a global pandemic!!!”

As you can tell by the number of exclamation marks, each “reason” was more compelling than the last, and urgently stated why I absolutely could not get an article knocked out in time.

Alfred, being the great teammate he is, calmly conveyed – like a Jedi – that he was basically counting on me to come through.

I thought about how we could probably re-tread one of the old Harrington’s Commentaries on the subject and I could slide, but that just meant someone else doing what I should have done myself, so I accepted that it was my responsibility and I just needed to get the job done. (It also didn’t help that I was the one who scheduled myself to write this article – clearly I knew several months ago that I needed to be reminded to be responsible, but who knew we’d be contending with a filing window deadline, let alone a pandemic?!)

The fact is that excuses simply get in the way of getting things done – look, this article is almost done already, and it’s because I stopped wasting energy on putting it off, and invested that energy into getting done what I needed to get done.

FFLers are full of integrity, whether fulfilling responsibilities for their teammates or their clients, FFLers strive very hard to get the jobs they committed to do, done. When we do make mistakes and offer no excuses, we acknowledge shortcomings and take ownership; accepting responsibility helps us to move on to focusing on providing solutions, focusing on self-improvement, and getting GuideMark articles written.

Next time you catch yourself making an excuse, stop and shift that energy into helping you get done what needs to be done, then you will feel the satisfaction that Offer No Excuses GuideMark can bring.

Key Words and Phrases
Take ownership in outcomes, Agree to responsibility, Accept accountability, Provide solutions, Recognize failures, Acknowledge shortcomings, Focus on results not excuses, Admit mistakes.

Opposite Terms
Rationalize inferior work, Deny or justify a fault, Offer a pretext for failure, Provide self-justification.

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