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FCC Extends Year 2 Installation Deadline for Certain Applicants

The Federal Communications Commission announced Nov. 1 that it would extend the installation deadline for non-recurring services for another year to give certain Year 2 E-rate applicants the benefit of another summer installation season.

The FCC said it would extend the Year 2 installation deadline to Sept. 30, 2001 for applicants who did not receive their funding commitments until on or after April 4, 2000, who received service provider change authorizations or service substitutions authorizations on or after April 4, 2000, whose service providers "were unable to complete implementation for reasons beyond the service provider's control" or whose funding disbursements were delayed while the Universal Service Administrative Company investigated their application for program compliance.

The FCC said that it would give these applicants until Sept. 30, 2001 to do their installations. In the past, the agency has generally granted applicants in these circumstances only 180 days from the date they got their funding commitment or that their application moved forward. But, the FCC said, "we believe that the public interest would be served if these eligible schools and libraries have an additional summer in which to schedule necessary [work] to implement non-recurring services. Scheduling such work over the summer months allows many applicants to lower costs and minimize class disruptions."

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