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SLD Issues Reminder on CIPA Compliance

The Schools and Libraries Division has issued a reminder to all schools and libraries that have already received Year 4 funding commitments that they need to submit their Form 486 application, postmarked by Oct. 28, 2001, if they have begun to receive the supported services.

That requirement, the SLD said, applies even to those applicants who have received funding commitments only for telecommunications services. While these applicants are not subject to CIPA compliance, they must make a certification to that effect by the required deadline. If an applicant fails to file the required certification, they will be eligible for support only back to the date their form was postmarked. Because Oct. 28 falls on a Sunday, most applicants will need to ensure that their application is received by a post office before that.

The SLD has attempted to communicate this information through e-mail messages, faxes or traditional mail to all of the affected applicants.

If an applicant has not yet started to use the services, the Form 486 application must be postmarked within 120 days of the eventual service start date. In cases where an applicant has not yet received its funding commitment, the application will be due within 120 days of whichever of the two dates is later.

In the fourth funding year, applicants that accept funding for Internet access or internal connections are required only to certify that they are "undertaking actions" to comply with the law's requirements.

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