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Winding Down 2009

The SLD recently announced that they will stop issuing regular funding waves for FY2009. Based on that information, here is a Funds For Learning analysis of where we currently stand. Note: all figures are expressed in millions.


Funding Year 2009 Requested Amounts: $3.88 Billion



Funding Year 2009 Committed Amounts: $2.8 Billion



  • Number of Applicants Committed for Priority One: 22,741
  • Number of Applicants Committed for Priority Two: 4,045



Funding Year 2009 Disbursed Amounts: $2.1 Billion*

*As of December 16, 2011, 124 applications, representing over $164 million in requests, are still pending.



  • Number of Applicants went through BEAR Process: 15,301
  • Number of Applicants Requesting SPI Process: 14,047
  • Stakeholder Utilization Percentage: 74%



Funding Year 2009 Rejected Amounts: $883.9 Million



  • Number of Applicants Denied for Priority One: 2,982
  • Number of Applicants Denied for Priority Two: 2,289



Funding Year 2009 Pending Amounts: $883.9 Million


As of December 16, 2011, there are still 124 pending FY2009 applications. If your application is still pending and you do not know why your projects are being delayed, it is recommended that you contact USAC to inquire as to the reason for the delay and what, if anything, you can do to speed up the review process.


Applicant and Service Provider Counts


As of December 16, 2011, there are still 245 applicants with an installation deadline of Sept 30, 2012 and over 1,300 applicants with commitments but no processed Form 486.

Please visit the links below for further analysis of FY2009:


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