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FCC Releases Further CIPA Guidance

On November 14, 2012, the Federal Communications Commission released a Public Notice to provide further guidance on the requirements of the 2011 CIPA Report and Order.

The Public Notice is structured as a Frequently Asked Questions document, which addresses the following questions:

    What should schools include in their Internet safety policies, and what documents should schools retain to demonstrate compliance with the requirement to educate minors about appropriate online behavior?

    Are schools receiving E-rate discounts for Internet access and/or internal connections required to provide education about appropriate online behavior to their students every year?

    Do schools need to ensure the education of every student in order to be able to certify they are educating minors about appropriate online behavior?

The Commission noted that they have declined to detail specific procedures or curriculum for schools to use in educating students about appropriate online behavior, finding that these are determinations better made by the local school authorities implementing these educational plans.

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