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FY 2015 E-rate Demand Analysis – Mar 20th Update

As of March 18, 2015, the total amount that has been requested by E-rate applicants for Funding Year 2015 stands at just over $750 million. As detailed in the table below, about one-third of the requested amount is for the purchase of Category Two equipment and services, and two-thirds is for Internet, phone and telecommunications services in Category One.

FY15 Preliminary E-rate Demand

Category Two applications tend to be more complex because of the highly detailed information which is required for the Item 21 section.  The Category Two applications also typically have a higher total requested amount per applicant, so we expect that the final demand figures will be more evenly split between Category One and Category Two.

This graph shows the continuing pace of funding requests in the past 30 days. The filing window extension was announced on March 12, 2015, which resulted in a slight slow-down in the requested amount as applicants regrouped for the new April 16, 2015 deadline – however the pace seems to be quickening to approximately the pre-announcement levels.

Cumulative FY2015 Funding Requests

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