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Congratulations JulieAnn Robison!

Funds For Learning (FFL) would like to congratulate JulieAnn Robison for her recent academic achievement! JulieAnn graduated this May from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Master Of Business Administration (MBA). She has worked hard to further her education and better herself as an employee at Funds For Learning. After taking a year off after her undergrad, JulieAnn decided to go back to school for her MBA. She saw this as something she could do to improve her knowledge and be intentional about learning while she worked full-time. JulieAnn pointed out that, through this proactive learning, she will be able to analyze and see things differently in her everyday work and that a fresh perspective and expanded skill set will have positive impact on her team and Funds For Learning as whole which translates to better service to our E-rate stakeholders.

Working to earn her MBA has allowed JulieAnn to acquire knowledge, experience, and expertise to decipher new challenges. She has grown professionally and believes that it is important for employees to improve their professional skills because it will make the individual and the company more successful. JulieAnn’s goal is to continue improving in her current position and eventually move into a management role.

Life is busy and it is easy to make excuses about why you do not need to be proactive in learning. The goal is much greater than just us. We work to serve our E-rate stakeholders well so that students across the nation can have access to resources that are crucial to their education. We must take the opportunity to learn whenever and however it is presented to us.

Congratulations JulieAnn Robison and hats off to you!

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