On May 21, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission published the draft Eligible Services List for Funding Year 2015. Public comments to the draft are due June 22, and reply comments July 6. Notable changes in the FY2016 draft ESL include:

• Clarification of the eligibility of dark fiber, self-provisioned broadband networks, and required equipment as per the Second E-rate Modernization Order

• Addition of ISDN as an eligible voice service (subject to the phase-down of funding for voice)

• Classification of third-party or separately priced firewall services as eligible Category Two services

The Commission also seeks comment on the structure and content of the Eligible Services List in light of “stakeholders’ experience with the new ESL during FY 2015 application process.”  Click here to download a copy of the draft FY2016 ESL and associated Public Notice.