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FY2015: Better Late Than Never

“Me?  A procrastinator? I’ll prove you wrong someday – just wait and see.” In keeping with trends in prior years, a substantial number of applicants filed their Funding Year 2015 applications in the last seven days of the filing window.

Fast Facts

  • Thirty-eight Form 471s were filed on January 14, the first day of the filing window
  • 6,132 Form 471s (47% of requested dollars) were filed on the last day of the window
  • 65.8% of funds requested were on applications filed after the original deadline was extended.

The chart below shows Funding Year 2015 applications by submission date, grouped in seven day intervals:

For FY2015, almost 37% of Form 471 applications (representing 47% of requested funds) were filed in the last seven days of the filing window. 

On March 12, USAC announced a three week extension of the original deadline, from March 26 to April 16. Many applicants took advantage of the extension, with over 65% of total FY2015 requested funds appearing on applications filed after the original deadline:


  • Ninety-one applications were filed on Valentine’s Day (which fell on a Saturday.)  Is there anything more romantic?
  • Fifty-two applications were filed on Easter Sunday.
  • The largest single application, at over $35.5M, was filed on the original deadline of March 26.  The smallest application, for a whopping $0.94, was filed on the actual deadline of April 16.



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