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87% of School Sites Apply for C2 Funds

Funds For Learning has completed an analysis of Category Two (“C2”) funding requests from funding year 2015 to 2019. Below is the information about school and library site participation. The results are based on publicly available “recipient of service” site lists included on E-rate Form 471 funding applications.

School Sites
Category Two funds have been requested at 87.3% of school sites since 2015. Six-out-of-ten sites (63.4%) have maxed out their Category Two budget. Unfortunately, a disproportionate percentage of school sites (34.6%) with enrollment under 100 students have not utilized their Category Two budget at all.

Library Sites
Category Two funds have been requested at 50.1% of library sites since 2015. One-out-of-five sites (20.4%) have maxed out their Category Two budget; however, half of library sites (49.9%) have not used any of their Category Two budget.
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