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One Last Thing to Do Before Vacation

The first official day of Summer was June 21. Many districts have been on their Summer break for several weeks already. E-rate coordinators who will be taking the Summer months off should alert the SLD that they will be taking the Summer deferral period for answering application review questions. Many applicants have already done so. Currently, there are 388 funding requests pending totaling $51.6 million that reflects this status. If a district receives application review questions and they go unanswered due to the E-rate coordinator being unavailable and the Summer deferral status is not requested, the Form 471 application could get denied for a lack of responsiveness.  
Any applicant can confirm if their current funding request(s) falls under the Summer deferral status or service providers can check to see if a customer has identified themselves in this manner here. The Summer deferral time period ends the Friday after Labor Day.
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