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USAC Seeking Audit Firms

USAC recently released an RFP and is seeking up to eight audit firms to perform audits of beneficiaries and service providers of all four Universal Service Fund programs which include: High Cost, Lifeline, Schools and Libraries, and Rural Health Care program. The contractor will develop procedures to audit E-rate stakeholders which include:
Applicant Procedures
  • Evaluate the applicant’s competitive bidding process;
  • Ensure the applicant is eligible to receive Schools and Libraries Program support;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s discount calculation methodology;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s inventory management and tracking process;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s invoice processing and approval process;
  • Evaluate the applicant’s compliance with the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act
Service Provider Procedures:
  • Evaluate the service provider’s background
  • Evaluate the service provider’s invoicing processing and approval process;
  • Evaluate the service provider’s compliance with the E-rate’s rules surrounding Lowest Corresponding Price
The USAC Audit RFP can be found here.
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