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USAC Releases New C2 Budget Tool

On February 28, USAC announced that their FY2020 Category Two (C2) budget tool is available to applicants to determine available Category Two budgets for FY2020. The FY2020 Category 2 tool provides information about the expected C2 budget for an entity and should be used for informational purposes only. 

In the news brief USAC stated that, “…The C2 budget numbers displayed in the new tool are based on student counts from the current entity profiles in the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC), which may have been updated by applicants before the administrative window closed. Keep in mind that these student counts may be adjusted during PIA review. In addition, like the prior tool, the new tool does not capture all data points that may be relevant for determining an applicant's actual available C2 budget for FY2020 (such as pending FCC Form 500 requests, pending appeals, or pending funding requests). Finally, the tool is updated each night to reflect the current committed amounts for all entities. You will need to download the tool each day to get the most recent commitment data…”  

The USAC FY2020 Category Two Budget Tool news announcement can be viewed here 

Category Two budget calculator by Funds For Learning available at: 

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