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Quarterly USAC Board Meeting Highlights

On October 26, 2020, the USAC Schools and Libraries Committee held its quarterly board meeting. Highlights from the meeting include:
Audit Committee
  • Payment Quality Assurance reviews for 2020 are complete (1,200 cases)
  • USAC preparing audit plan for 2021 – announcement coming soon
Schools and Libraries Committee:
  • Approved Q1 spending of $19.79M – down due to professional services
  • Fourth quarter demand has remained the same at $534M
  • FY2021 filing window to open no earlier than January 2021 and close in March 2021
    • Subject to requirements of Sect. 54.502 and Eligible Services List approval
    • May be adjusted as needed
  • E-rate scorecard:
    • 90% of Apps reviewed for $1.68B through 09/30
    • Category Two budgets, summer deferrals attribute to low C2 approvals and percentage of applications reviewed
  • Applicants recommended to document anything received under FCC gift rule waiver
  • Second FY2020 filing window considered a success:
    • 2,000+ applications under review; USAC expects the aggregate to come down are consolidated with first window applications
    • 303+ applications approved for $6M
  • USAC expects more Fiber Maintenance & Operations funding requests in the future
  • 2021 C2 Budget and FCC Form 471 system updates:
    • Phase 1- administrative window open
    • Phase 2- C2 Budgets, Form 471 and expectation generation updates
      • Release Scheduled for 12/15
  • Streamlined BEAR disbursements started
    • Positive feedback with regards to its release
  • SPAC updated to include a checkbox that you a not purchasing equipment which poses a national security threat due to FCC supply chain order
  • FY2021 readiness:
    • Moving forward with fall trainings
    • Awaiting approvals on ESL, PIA procedures and window dates
  • Public comments:
    • Praise for new C2 Budget Tool
    • Compliments on 2nd Filing Window implementation
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