E-rate Manager customers will now have the option of selecting between three levels of service and features that best serve their E-rate needs.

EDMOND, OKLA. (June 25, 2012) – Funds For Learning, the nation’s largest E-rate compliance firm, today announced expanded user package options for the award-winning E-rate Manager® tool. The new packages will give E-rate Manager users the ability to select from three feature-specific packages that will best serve the size and scope of the user.

“We felt we needed to expand user options to address the needs and wants of our customers,” said Cathy Cruzan, president of Funds For Learning. “The new user tiers provide greater flexibility, and the restructured features have further streamlined the software.”

The new E-rate Manager tier structure offers three levels of features, ranging from a basic package that includes E-rate funding reports and form statuses to a professional package that gives users an all-inclusive feature list, including the ability to prepare and submit E-rate forms as well as cloud storage to store forms and documents. All three levels will offer 24-hour access to critical E-rate data, reports and compliance tools.

“We are always looking to improve the interface, features and overall experience of E-rate Manager,” said Cruzan. “These improvements often start with customer feedback, and that was the case with these changes. We wanted to expand options without losing the quality users have grown to expect from E rate Manager.”

Schools and libraries turn to E-rate Manager for assistance with their E-rate funding requests and commitments. The web-based tool enables applicants to generate E-rate forms and paperwork, track pending applications, receive notifications of upcoming deadlines and stay compliant with document retention requirements.

Service providers rely on E-rate Manager to identify sales opportunities and monitor E-rate related business. E-rate Manager gives vendors fast and easy access to multiple years of E-rate funding information and streamlines the preparation of E-rate payment paperwork.

For a full feature list, please visit www.fundsforlearning.com.

About Funds For Learning Funds For Learning, LLC, is an E-rate compliance firm specializing in guiding E-rate applicants and service providers through the complex and ever-changing E-rate regulatory process. With more than 150 combined years of experience in providing professional advice and assistance relating to the E-rate program, Funds For Learning exists to provide high-quality solutions for the needs of E-rate stakeholders. The company was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Edmond, Okla. For more information, visit www.fundsforlearning.com or phone 405-341-4140.

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