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    E-rate State Information: Nevada

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    Library Information

    The information contained in this section was obtained from The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) (

    Address100 S FIRST W
    ALAMO, NV 89001
    Phone(775) 725-3343
    IMLS Locale Code43
    County Population5,357

    Library Category Two Budget

    The estimated amount is the pre-discount budget amount for Category Two requests over a five-year period.
    (Based on IMLS 2013 Data)

    Per paragraph 88 of the 2nd E-rate Modernization Report and Order, For Funding Year: 2019, large urban libraries with IMLS locale codes of 11, 12, or 21, will have a pre-discount Category Two budget of $5.32 per square foot. All other library locations will have a pre-discount budget of $2.45 per square foot. The minimum budget floor is $9,793.04 per library site.

    Site Size1,965 Square Feet
    Category Two Budget Factor$2.45 / sq. ft.
    Pre-Discount Amount$9,793.04

    Custom Category Two Budget Calculator

    Estimate your pre-discount Category Two budget by typing a custom square footage amount in the text box below:

    Custom Site Size (Sq. Ft.):
    Is this a large urban library site?
    (IMLS locale code 11, 12, or 21)