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Funds For Learning® is focused solely on the E-rate program and has long-term, real-world, hands-on E-rate compliance experience. Our Compliance Services are tailored specifically to the needs of each client and range from full-scope to limited service and even training options.
Who We Serve

Public Schools Consortia School Districts
Private Schools Libraries ...across the United States and surrounding territories

How We Serve

Funds For Learning has 25+ dedicated E-rate consulting experts who have over 188 combined years of experience.

Our staff:

Manages all paperwork associated with the E-rate payment and reimbursement process
Prepares and files appeals at the client's discretion
Tracks every Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision affecting the E-rate Program
- Monitors and catalogs all E-rate appeals and audit decisions issued by the FCC
Monitors all SLD board meetings and public communications including applicant and service provider conference calls
Communicates regularly with federal and state education officials, FCC and congressional staff, and other members of the technology and education communities
Has developed enhanced database systems to monitor all publicly disclosed program-related funding approvals, rejections and disbursements, including the basis on which the SLD has rejected the funding commitments of all E-rate program applicants

Click here to see the comprehensive services that a typical Applicant Full Service Compliance Package contains or for more information please contact a Compliance Services Specialist via e-mail or telephone at (405) 341-4140.

Why We Serve

Each year, the E-rate program offers over $3.9 billion to connect schools and libraries to technology. Funds For Learning® knows that schools and libraries rely on this funding to deliver the technology services they need. The reliance on adequate bandwidth and access to knowledge resources has grown with the use of digital devices and with changes to education policy. Because of this, Funds For Learning® is dedicated to accuracy, professionalism, ethics, reliability, and discernment in helping clients apply and track their E-rate funding.

Let Funds For Learning® show you how we can serve you!
Contact a Compliance Service Specialist today to help assess your
E-rate needs and receive a tailored compliance package quote.