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Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say…

“I could have used [E-rate Manager] 5 years ago when I first started doing E-rate. This program makes accessing, reviewing, and tracking forms extremely easy. I especially found the ability to track previous years extremely valuable and an excellent time-saving feature. Thanks!!”

– David Porter, Director of E-rate Funding, Superintendent of Triplains Unified District 275

“E-rate Manager is a great time-saver that has helped Tangipahoa more efficiently meet the requirements of the E rate program. In addition to ready access to documents from anywhere, it has made it faster to fill out forms and has reduced the number of errors on these forms.”

– Jake Ragusa, E-rate Specialist, Tangipahoa Parish School District

“Our school district has qualified for a substantial amount of E-rate funding since the program started. But I’m convinced that without Funds For Learning’s persistent work on our behalf, we never would have received a penny.”

– Anne Carver, Director of Instructional Technology, Beaufort County Public Schools, South Carolina

“Where was E-rate Manager when the E-rate program first began? … Now I have E-rate Manager up and running on my desktop all day, everyday. This makes my life so much easier. Thank you!”

– Charlynn Morales, Spectrum Communications Cabling Services, Inc.

“We can’t afford NOT to use E-rate Manager SP to manage our E-rate funding.”

– Diana Berger, Director, Education Market Segment, Global Data Systems

“Thank you Funds For Learning. E-Rate Manager was very helpful to me as someone new to E-Rate. One of my favorite aspects of using E-rate Manager is that we can track our many invoicing and installation deadlines and E rate Manager literally saved our school district nearly $33,000 by alerting us that an invoicing deadline was fast approaching. I have many responsibilities at my district and E-rate Manager gives me piece of mind that critical deadlines won’t be missed.”

– Michael Robinson, Coordinator, Technology & Professional Development, Sylacauga City Schools

“Funds For Learning’s experience and attention to detail have made all the difference for our district. Much of the success we have achieved in recent years is tied directly to their knowledge of the E-rate program and instructional technology. We could not have managed the process without them.”

– Joe Kitchens, Superintendent, Western Heights School District, Oklahoma

“Before E-rate Manager, completing E-rate forms for eight school districts was so time-consuming that I spent days working on my forms and had to race down the highway to catch the last mail pick-up in the State of New Hampshire to get them filed on time! Since I began using E-rate Manager, I completed all eight Form 486s with just a few keystrokes and had a leisurely drive to my local post office. Thank you, E-rate Manager!”

– Susan M. Amburg, School Administrative Unit #48, New Hampshire

“Before using E-rate Manager, I had files and information scattered everywhere. Now I have one site that lists all our district’s funding commitments by funding year. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time in preparing the annual applications.”

– Keith Cooper, Wake County Public School System, North Carolina

“Funds For Learning has managed the school district’s E-rate applications with complete professionalism. The company has utilized and made available its wide mix of skills – legal, accounting and communications – to help us with a wide range of issues related to E-rate.”

– Robert Westall, Director of Telecommunications and Networking, School District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Not only is E-rate Manager an easy tool to use, but the Website is also a great resource for E-rate information … E-rate Manager has kept me well informed about the latest issues and events.”

– James H. Levine, San Francisco Unified School District, California

“Every morning I check my funding status and read up on E-rate related news. Now I can do both in one convenient place! …All you need to know about any funding request is just a click away.”

– Erin Glover, Pascagoula School District, Mississippi

“E-rate Manager SL has provided me with additional features and functionality that have helped to save both my time and my sanity … Using E-rate Manager has been a tremendous help in keeping track of the complex paperwork associated with E-rate filing.”

– Melvin I. Strieb, KidsPeace National Center

“Using E-rate Manager made filling out the [BEAR] form a snap.”

– Andrew Dively, Cincinnati Public Schools, Ohio

“E-rate Manager SL “is a great resource. I’ve been working with E-rate since its inception, and this is the most useful information I have seen. Thank you.”

– Linda Smith, former Director of Technology, Placentia Yorba-Linda Unified School District, California

“I would like to commend Funds For Learning for providing E-rate Manager. It has been a life saver … Using the resources provided by ERM, I was quickly able to recreate our district application files and save the district’s 2003 and 2004 funding… Without the assistance of E-rate Manager, my district would have lost out on hard-to-come-by technology dollars.”

– Ted Jongbloed, Waller ISD, Texas

“I needed to do a Form 500. The scary part was that I had 170 FRNs and I needed to do it right away. The good news is that E-rate Manager makes this form creation very easy. The fantastic news is that I was able to finish the Form 500s and get them to the delivery service within two hours. This is the level of efficiency that makes using E rate Manager a necessary tool in my E-rate arsenal.”

– Patricia D. Miller, Las Cruces Public Schools, New Mexico

“The leadership that Funds For Learning staff members have provided to our projects has been exemplary. They have consistently delivered quality work, with a close attention both to details and to tight deadlines.”

– Keith Krueger, Executive Director, Consortium for School Networking

“E-rate Manager is a wonderful tool to help me manage the complex and regulatory E-rate process, keep on track of the many deadlines and best of all, has a feature to assist me complying with the document retention rules”

– Teri Nevarez, E-rate Coordinator, Peoria Unified School District #11, with 35,000+ students

“I have been using E-rate Manager for the past 3 years and have no idea why every school wouldn’t use this incredible resource that is also priced extremely reasonably. The E-rate program is complex and E-rate Manager makes managing the E-rate program much less stressful that deadlines aren’t missed and assists my district in staying in compliance with the ever changing regulations.”

– Jamie Vaugh, Technology Manager, Conroe ISD in Texas

“Thank you for providing a resource and service that has made my job of ERATE Manager for Union Parish School District much easier. Having all our ERATE history available in one location at the click of a mouse has been great. Your program has been a life saver for me many times.”

– Charlotte Bowen, Technology and Textbooks, Union Parish School District

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