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Past E-rate Webinars

2024 E-rate Webinars

E-rate Webinar Recording TitleSlidesDateDuration
Tips for a Happy New Funding Year, Form 470 Walkthrough, and ECF updatesDownload07/11/240h47m10s
Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Wrap-up, CIPA Compliance, and Invoice ReviewsDownload06/06/240h48m07s
Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL), Form 486, and AppealsDownload05/09/240h55m46s
FY2024 Filing Window Demand, Service Delivery, and Form 500Download04/11/240h50m09s
Receipt Acknowledgement Letter, Program Integrity Assurance, and Form 471 Deadline WaiversDownload03/07/240h48m46s
Form 471 Walkthrough, Category 1 vs. Category 2 Wi-Fi Hotspot ProposalDownload02/15/240h57m08s
Bid Evaluation, Contracts, and Bus Wi-Fi Download01/18/241h03m43s

2023 E-rate Webinars

E-rate Webinar Recording TitleSlidesDateDuration
Pre-Filing Window Checklist, Eligible Services List (ESL), and E-rate CybersecurityDownload12/07/230h53m45s
Cybersecurity Pilot Program Download11/16/230h58m57s
A guide on how to file comments with the FCC is available here
Administrative Window, Invoice Consolidation in EPC, and School Bus WiFiDownload11/09/231h00m50s
2023 E-rate Trends Report Download10/12/230h41m24s
Service Delivery Deadlines and Form 500, E-rate Invoicing Review, and ECF DeadlinesDownload09/14/230h59m58s
Form 470, New E-rate Rules & FNPRM, and ECF DeadlinesDownload08/10/230h55m43s
Gigabit Libraries Network and E-rate Updates07/13/230h53m16s
Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL), Appeals, and ECF UpdatesDownload06/08/230h55m01s
FY2023 Funding Wave, Form 486, and CIPA ComplianceDownload05/04/230h48m06s
FY2023 E-rate Filing Window Demand, Service Delivery Deadline, and FY2023 E-rate Applicant SurveyDownload04/13/230h50m17s
Cyber Security Request for Comment, Program Integrity Assurance (PIA), and ECF UpdatesDownload03/09/230h53m54s
Uploading Contracts, Form 471 Walkthrough, and Emergency Connectivity Fund Audit UpdatesDownload02/16/230h56m34s
Cybersecurity and the Future of E-rateDownload1/31/230h59m07s
A guide on how to file comments with the FCC is available here.
Equipment Transfers and Invoice Deadlines, Contracts, ECF Asset Tracking & InvoicingDownload01/19/230h51m17s

2022 E-rate Webinars

Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) webinar recordings are available here

E-rate Competitive Bidding Process webinar recording and slides available here

E-rate Webinar Recording TitleSlidesDateDuration
Best Practices for FY2023, Connect K-12: E-rate Resource, and Retroactive Funding Denials in the ECF ProgramDownload12/08/220h53m39s
SPIN Changes, Procurement and Bid Evaluations, Eligible Services List and ECF UpdatesDownload11/10/220h59m42s
E-rate Discounts and Category 2 Budgets, E-rate Last Date to Invoice (LDI), and ECF Post Commitment ChangesDownload10/13/220h55m34s
Discount Rate Calculation & Documentation, E-rate Service Delivery Deadlines & Extensions, and ECF UpdatesDownload09/15/220h38m55s
Strategic Planning for Upcoming Funding Year, 2022 E-rate Trends Results Overview, and ECF UpdatesDownload08/11/220h50m03s
Tips For a New Funding Year, FY2023 Form 470 Walk-through, and ECF UpdateDownload07/07/221h42m48s
BEAR Invoice Reviews, Discount Method Selection, and ECF UpdateDownload06/09/220h59m05s
CIPA Compliance & Form 486, FCDL & E-rate Appeals Process, and ECF UpdatesDownload05/05/220h55m32s
Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF), E-rate Competitive Bidding NPRM, and FY2022 E-rate Filing WindowDownload04/14/220h56m20s
RAL, PIA, Cost Effectiveness/Selective Reviews, and ECF UpdatesDownload03/10/220h58m17s
Form 470 Deadline & Planning for Success, Category One vs. Category 2, Form 471 Walk Through, and ECF UpdatesDownload02/17/220h58m33s
FY2022 Eligible Services List, Contracts & Post Admin Window Updates, Filing Window Updates, and ECF UpdatesDownload01/20/220h59m05s

2021 E-rate Webinars

E-rate Webinar Recording TitleSlidesDateDuration
Pre-Filing Window Checklist, USAC Training Recap, ECF Post Commitment Changes, and Filing an ECF Appeal Download12/09/210h58m06s
SPIN Changes, Discount Calculation & ProcurementDownload11/11/210h48m23s
Administrative (Admin) Window and Preparing for FY2022Download10/14/210h55m49s
E-rate Entities and Sites and Category 2 BudgetsDownload09/16/210h55m56s
Competitive Bidding and Procurement and Form 472 (BEAR Form)Download08/12/2101h00m47s
Procurement and FY2022 Form 470 Walk ThroughDownload07/08/2100h58m44s
CIPA Compliance, BEAR Invoice Reviews, and June 2 ECF Webinar Recap Download06/10/2100h48m35s
Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL) and E-rate Appeals ProcessDownload05/06/2100h45m31s
Common PIA Inquiries and Compliance with Equipment Requirements04/08/2100h56m15s
Emergency Connectivity Fund Overview and FFL Proposal03/18/2100h58m23s
Emergency Support Update, RAL Corrections, and Selective Review03/11/211h00m04s
Preparing Form 471, Program Integrity Assurance (PIA), and Filing Window Discussion02/18/211h08m45s
E-rate Remote Learning Support & Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB)02/09/210h58m19s
Bid Evaluation, Contracts, and Payment Quality Assurance (PQA)01/21/211h16m44s

2020 E-rate Webinars

E-rate Webinar Recording TitleWebinar DateDuration
Connect K12, Admin Window Updates, and Procurement12/10/20201h03m42s
2020 E-rate Trends Report11/16/20200h58m09s
New Category 2 Budget, Service Substitutions, and BEARs10/15/20200h46m43s
Second FY2020 Filing Window09/23/20200h58m39s
Form 471 Update, Planning for FY2021 Sites, and Eligible Services List09/17/20201h08m42s
E-rate Appeals Process & BEAR Invoice Review08/13/20201h03m10s
FFL Remote Learning Initiative & Preliminary Survey Results07/09/20201h15m20s
CIPA Compliance, Form 486 Walk Through, and Selective Review06/11/20201h03m22s
Funding Year 2020 Recap05/07/20200h56m36s
FCC Public Notice Breakdown & Learning Gap Analysis04/09/20201h04m56s
Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) & Special Compliance Reviews03/12/20200h58m50s
EPC 471 Walk-Through & Filing Window Discussion02/20/20201h24m29s
Contracts & Bid Evaluations01/23/20201h13m47s

2019 E-rate Webinars

E-rate Webinar Recording TitleWebinar DateDuration
Year in Review & Category Two Discounts12/12/20190h56m32s
2019 SHLB Conference, Discount Calculation & Procurement11/14/20191h11m18s
Administrative Window & FCC Action on Form 470 Dropdown Menus10/17/20191h08m03s
Category Two Demand, Invoicing & Reimbursements09/19/20191h15m36s
FCC Category Two NPRM & Eligible Services08/15/20190h55m57s
FCC Category Two NPRM Briefing – Special Presentation07/24/20191h29m44s
Forms 470 & Site Lists07/11/20190h58m52s
Form 472 (BEAR) Invoice Reviews & CIPA Compliance06/13/20190h58m23s
Selective Review, Document Retention & FY2019 Filing Stats05/09/20191h04m25s
FY2019 First Funding Wave Analysis – Special Presentation05/01/20190h53m41s
FY2019 Filing Window Recap – Special Presentation04/17/20190h57m39s
Appeal Trends & Program Integrity Assurance (PIA)04/11/20190h56m30s
CoSN Ed-Tech Trends Recap & FY2019 Form 471 Filing Window03/14/20190h54m29s
Contracts and Form 471 EPC Walkthrough, C2 Briefing & Bid Evaluation02/21/20191h17m13s
Contracts & E-rate Coordinator Spotlight01/24/20191h05m30s

2018 E-rate Webinars

E-rate Webinar Recording TitleWebinar DateDuration
USAC Training Recap & Reactions12/13/20181h19m59s
Discount Rate, Eligibility & Category Two Budget11/15/20181h10m57s
Admin Window & Preparing for FY201910/18/20181h04m25s
Bidding Process & Procuring Fiber WAN09/20/20181h11m44s
FFL Applicant Survey Results, Eligible Services & Planning for FY201908/16/20181h00m42s
Form 470 Updates & Site Lists07/12/20181h05m15s
Net Neutrality & CIPA06/14/20181h07m11s
FY2018 First Funding Wave Analysis – Special Presentation05/10/20180h38m28s
FY2018 Filing Window Recap – Special Presentation04/25/20181h10m38s
Navigating the Application Review Process04/12/20181h07m30s
Completing the Form 471 & Preparing for PIA03/15/20180h55m21s
Competitive Bidding, Vendor Evaluations & Contracts02/20/20181h30m43s
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