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E-rate Data

E-rate Data

e-rate data

A Proven Leader in E-rate Data Analysis

Since the inception of the E-rate program Funds For Learning has collected, organized, and analyzed 100% of the publicly available data pertaining to the E-rate program.  Our advanced analysis tools allow program stakeholders to identify program trends, grow business opportunities, and make informed decisions.

A Complete E-rate Data Solution

E-rate Manager was created to help E-rate stakeholders track E-rate funding, meet critical deadlines, and make participating in the E-rate program more manageable.

Program participants lose out on millions of dollars each year due to deficiencies in managing the E-rate process. E-rate Manager helps stakeholders make the most of their E-rate funding with easy-to-use tools and features. As new regulatory guidance and clarifications are made, E-rate Manager evolves and new reports, features and tools are developed to assist with the process.

Tracking and Reporting

E-rate Manager collects all available E-rate data on a daily basis, ensuring 24/7 access to the latest changes to funding applications. It can provide e-mail alerts for deadlines, changes to funding requests, or notifications of newly filed Forms 470. Funding reports can be exported to Excel and other formats for additional review and analysis.

Form Creation and Compliance

When creating program forms, E-rate Manager simplifies the process with form wizards, saving time and checking for common form and application errors. E-rate Manager also provides an archive to host all electronic documentation so that you can stay organized and know that your information is safe.

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E-rate Manager was created to help E-rate stakeholders increase success by leveraging data to make informed decisions. Find out more about how E-rate Manager can help you by clicking below:

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Assessment and Reporting

E-rate Manager makes it easy to view and assess E-rate utilization rates, and can produce a number of funding reports in either spreadsheet or PDF format.


E-rate Manager provides an electronic document retention archive to help keep your compliance documentation centralized, organized, and safe.
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Form Creation

E-rate Manager provides form wizards which make it easy to create program forms quickly, while built-in intelligence checks for many common form and application errors.
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Tracking and Monitoring

E-rate Manager is a comprehensive data system that provides critical information for each step of the E-rate process. E-rate Manager not only tracks the current status of application review, but can even track how long an application has been in each stage of the application review process. E-rate Manager can also provide e-mail alerts for program deadlines and changes to funding requests.

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We’re here to help!

Our mission is to provide high-quality consulting and support services for the needs of E-rate program participants. We consult with applicants to help them understand, effectively utilize, and maintain compliance with E-rate rules and regulations. We help prepare and submit paperwork, and interact with program administrators on our clients’ behalf.

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