The FCC requires that an applicant select the most cost-effective bid or proposal as a result of the Form 470 bidding process, which means that cost of eligible products or services must be the primary factor in the selection process. Cost does not necessarily have to hold the majority of weight, but it must have a higher weight than any other single factor used to evaluate bids. The other factors used to score or evaluate bids must be relevant to the selection process.

Before the Form 470 is posted, the person or people who will be evaluating the responses should establish the selection criteria that will be used during the process. Having these criteria in place before receiving any responses helps to eliminate any appearance that the evaluation criteria was crafted to give an unfair advantage (or disadvantage) to a particular bidder.

The SLD has identified the following examples as criteria which could be used during the evaluation process: “prior experience; personnel qualifications; management capability; and environmental objectives.”