Description of Services Requested and Certification Form

A Form 470 is an applicant form that identifies the "Description of Services Requested and Certification Form" and must be filed to seek competitive bids for products and services for E-Rate discounts. The 470 Form may be filed at any time during the year and must be posted on the SLD web site for at least 28 days prior to filing a Form 471.

Certification language states that applicants will certify that "support under this support mechanism is conditional upon the schools and libraries securing access to all of the resources, including computers, training, software, maintenance, internal connections, and electrical connections necessary to use the services purchased effectively". In addition, the applicant certifies that "all bids submitted will be carefully considered and the bid selected will be for the most cost-effective service or equipment offering, with price being the primary factor, and will be the most cost-effective means of meeting educational needs and technology plan goals."

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