Each Form 471 Block 5 Discount Funding Request must include a description of the products or services for which the applicant is seeking discounts. USAC refers to this description as the “Item 21 Attachment”. Item 21 on Block 5 of the Form 471 application is where the applicant provides an attachment number for the description.

Item 21 Attachments can help expedite USAC’s funding request review process, by providing them with the information necessary to complete their application review, while incomplete or missing information may delay the decision process. When funding requests are being reviewed, USAC may contact the applicant to provide additional Item 21 Attachment information.

Item 21 Attachments generally consist of:

  • A description or overview of the requested products or services.
  • Line-item detail that includes the following:
    • quantity
    • unit cost
    • extended recurring/non-recurring pre-discount cost
    • a line-item specific description of the product or service
  • If there are multiple Billing Account Numbers associated with funding request, these may be listed on the Item 21 as well
  • Additional information to allow USAC to determine whether the products or services will be used in a manner that is in compliance with the FCC’s eligibility rules, such as:
    • location information for equipment
    • information or specifications for a product or detail of services
    • copies of a vendors quotes or contracts
    • any additional information which will help USAC determine that the requested items will be used in compliance with E-rate eligibility rules

USAC requires that the Item 21 Attachment must be received by the close of the FCC Form 471 annual filing window. Applicants that fail to submit the attachments by close of the filing window risk a denial because the application was not submitted on time.

E-rate Manager® users can transmit Item 21 Attachments to USAC from within our FCC Form 471 creation wizard with just a few mouse clicks.